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1955 Cessna 180

Sold 6-1-21

The first step has been to get to know the project airplane and after more than 30 hours of flying since I picked the airplane up in Mississippi I have got my to do list going. One thing you have to pay attention to before you buy is the condition of the aircraft and a detailed inspection can help you in negotiating a lower price, find the price about right or just stear you away from a money pit. We all love airplanes and sometimes wonder why our annuals cost so much well, with any plane that is 60 years old things are going to be old and with age comes repairs and repairs cost money. If you are not a mechanic and just want a classic airplane that will give you no trouble you need to find one that has been throughly rebuilt, inspected and flown before you buy. That is what I do and I chose to focus on only one plane and many of us will agree that it is the best airplane Cessna ever built, the Cessna 180.

Some of the things that I have done since purchase.....

1, Fixed the seats so they would work correctly.

2, Fixed the doors so they would close correctly

3, removed interior, old dirty and worn out, removed bench seat for prep of Lake Vue jump seats.

4, cleaned interior (can’t stand dirty airplanes), do not think previous owner ever did.

5, installed new engine Lord Mounts, engine was sagging bad.

6, Repaired cowling in many places and still needs work, cowlings are always worn and in need of repair some more than others.

7, Replaced engine baffle seals, old and hard and folded in the wrong direction.

8, Replaced two valve cover gaskets, small drip the rest of the engine has no leaks

9, Oil change and air filter.

   More to come...