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SEL 55-01 part 1 of 3

The long way to comply with Cessna Service letter SEL 55-01

Cessna 170B T3 Tail wheel

Alaska Airframes T3 Suspension tail wheel install 

Beaver Landings

  These are some of the places I go in the Beaver.

Sport Aircraft Seat

Install of the "Sport Aircraft Seat" cushion on the Lake Vue Jump seats

Horizontal tip repair

Installation of horizontal tips on Cessna 180

Sport Aircraft Seat install pilot/Copilot

Pilot seat and co pilot seat cushion install

Engine mount bushings

Installation of seaplane mounts

Cessna 180 LP Aero windshield install

LP Areo install

Tanalian replaceable leading edge for Cessna 180 Cessna 185.

Tanalian replaceable leading edge for Cessna 180 Cessna 185.

P Ponk O470-50 Engine instalation

 This is the installation of a P Ponk O 470-50 in my 1953 Cessna 180.

Cessna 180 Lake Vue Jump Seats

Bentley Air

Winter 2023-24

  Happy 2024

    Time flies and even flies faster when flying a 180, hoping to put more air under my wings this next year and that may be a New Years resolution! We do have a New project in the hanger a 180J, hope to put this 180 back in the air after many years in process, this 180 was wrecked with only 1700 hours of flight time and has been in some sort of repair ever since. The funny thing about this project is the the owners wife was installing the interiors in the aircraft I was flying over 25 years ago, aviation is a small world. The other project coming to a close soon is a 170B restoration, more on that later. As the world turns I can only feel how lucky I am lucky every time I climb into my 180 for a favorite strip, So to all my customers and fellow pilots Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas or just smile every time you turn final locked on that perfect approach that will put your mains on the exact spot you have picked...
   Nothing like it.....

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