STC Modifications

We have extensive experience with STC Modifications (Supplamental Type Certficate) to the Cessna 180/185, and other aircraft.  We have successfully completed modifications such as  Power Flow Specialties dual exhaust, LP Arrow 1 piece windshield, P PONK O-470-50 Engine installation, Lake Vue Jump seat, Atlee Dodge battery forward, and many more. 

All modifications are done in accordance with manufactures instructions.

Selkirk center tunnel cover

This is a great option for covering the tunnel, as always it takes a good 4 hours of fussing to get it to fit just right.

Lake Vue Jump Seat

Both the Atlee and the Lake Vue jump seats are a great option. The old bench seats are up to 34 pounds and when done the Lake Vue seats can to be over 15 pounds.

Atlee Dodge Battery Forward

LP Aero one piece windshield

- LP Aero one piece windshield

Replaceable Horizontal leading edge STC for Cessna 180, Cessna 185 and Cessna 182

 Replaceable leading edge for Cessna 100 series aircraft

P Ponk O470-50

- P Ponk O470-50 Complete installation of P Ponk O470-50.

Whipaire wing tip extensions

Installed Whipaire wing tip extensions on a Cessna 206

Sportsman STOL

- installation of the Steen Aviation Sportsman STOLWe are installing this Sportsman STOL on a 170B

Power Flow Specialties Dealer

I am now a Power Flow Specialties Dealer and I am super excited about the dual exhaust system that was developed by Leading Edge Exhaust of Anchorage Alaska and now the STC is been bought by Power Flow Specialties.

Aerocet Cargo Pack

- Cargo PackInstallation of a Areocet Cargo Pack on a Cessna T206.

Plane Power Alternator up grade

Plane Power Alternator, generator out Alternator in. 

T3 tail wheel on a 170B

This was installed on a Cessna 170B, this tail configuration is more like a 140, later models of the 170 had a different tail wheel  attach.

Stene Sportsman on a Cessna 182P

I do not try to do this install to quickly because mistakes can take you even longer.