Aircraft Rebuilds

We specialize in complete restoration of Cessna 180 and Cessna 185 and other small single engine classic aircraft.  Bentley Air has over 35 years experience rebuilding classic aircraft from fabric to metal.

The Importance of Rebuilding Vintage Aircraft

As we walk around on the airport it is not uncommon to see aircraft that are 50 years old and older, when an aircraft gets to this age, the wires get old, cables get old, bushings, and dirt has built up everywhere.  It may be time to bring the aircraft into the 21st century. When we approach an aircraft rebuild project we first ask the question How far do we want to go? Everything we do adds value to your aircraft and a complete rewire with new Circuit breakers switches and panel can make an airplane look new. Once an aircraft gets a rebuild no telling how long it will last adding value and giving the owner the confidence that every part has been inspected and or repaired and brought back to its origanial specifatcations or better.