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1956 Cessna 180 Straight off the Ranch

Completed 9-30-2023            Picked up this 180 from a Montana Rancher, it has been sitting for 10 years and was given a new lease on life with a trip on a trailer back to my shop. The rancher just wants to get the airplane back in shape and have a reliable, safe and dependable 180. 

Hanger fell in on this 180

Hanger fell in on this during a snow storm in Idaho, the last owner bought it and removed what he wanted for his 180 and I got what was left. Slowly bringing the 180 back to life, come a long ways but still a long ways to go.

1953 Cessna 180

1953 Cessna 180, there are some really unusual things about this plane, one is it has 1966 182 wings with 96 gallons of fuel, 185 gear, Garr tailwheel, Ag Wagons wheels and brakes, P Ponk gear, still has the J engine but is low time. Can’t wait to weigh it, no paint.

1955 Cessna 180

- Sold 6-1-21
This is a flying project at this time, the plan is to do little things and keep the plane flying all summer then in the get busy.

170B restoration

August 8, 2020    Just picked up this 170B for a total restoration.


- This 2-33 came in a while back, the fuselage had been covered, wings and control surfaces painted but the cockpit and controls had not been touched.
 Completed 3-1-2023This project is all about getting this old legend back in the air. This 2-33 has nearly 8000 hours and must have been flying non stop for many years. With the wings painted and the fuselage covered the next step is getting the flight controls cleaned inspected and rigged.