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Sportsman STOL

installation of the Steen Aviation Sportsman STOL

The Sportsman STOL is a great upgrade for any Cessna Aircraft, lowers the stall speed, improves climb, improves slow flying characteristics and some say helps in cruise. In comparison with the Horton STOL it has been proven to be better, how much can be up for debate but over all I think the Sportsman is a better cuff. We have run into a few issues with this wing in that it has been repaired and the leading edge may not be quite what it once was out of the factory so some adjustments were needed in the ribs to make sure that ribs were not pitting pressure in the middle of the skin. On some installations I have noticed you can see where the ribs are because care was not taken when the skin was installed. Attention needs to be taken when the skins are positioned on the wing so that both sides are the same on each wing. If installing with the wing on the plane note or possibly change the eccentric rear spar bushing to neutral so when you are comparing the position of the cuffs you can be assured that both wings have the same angle of incident. You will need to test fly afterwards anyway and adjust the wash out as needed. Another improvement is the addition of VG’s.